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China's Leading New Urbanization Service Provider

Lonve Holding Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. After more than ten years of arduous development, under the guidance of the core ideology of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains (two mountains theory)", under the leadership of the new urbanization strategy, we are committed to Yu became "China's leading new urbanization service provider" and formed a three-in-one development pattern of real estate development, international education, and better life services.


In order to deepen its brand positioning, Lonve Group is unswervingly driven by the vision of "Building 200 towns and hometowns of true mountains and rivers for China" and under the guidance of the mission of "Urbanization and moving home to nature". , Under the escort of the core value of "Better Love for the Loved", comprehensively promote the parallel development of the three major industrial modules. While creating a high-quality living environment, it also builds a perfect living space to build a full-scene happy life for people of all ages.


In terms of education business, the introduction of Adcot's international education brand and the cultivation of Chinese who have the spirit of inheritance, innovation, independence and leadership to walk the world freely are the group's innovative measures to promote new urbanization through international education. Currently, based on the Yangtze River Delta, the group has deployed three major regions: East Zhejiang, Middle Zhejiang and North Zhejiang.


In terms of services for a better life, long-term residence bids farewell to traditional property management, takes every family member in the town as the core, and starts from meeting the family’s needs for space, material, body, and spirit, to create an influence and improve the quality of life in town Comprehensive service system. Through the layout of real estate, agriculture, community commerce, community medical and other fields, a variety of services are closely intertwined to form a closed loop of life in the town.


At present, Lonve Group has been deeply involved in China's new urbanization, integrating the development strategy of the three major industries, and has formed a unique corporate brand recognition. In 2020, it was awarded the title of "Leading Brand of China's New Urbanization Service Providers" with a brand value of 3.6 billion yuan.


As of September 2020, the group has 10 projects at different stages of development, covering the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Rim. The total planned land area is 10,592,100 square meters, the total construction area is approximately 2.139 million square meters, and the total assets exceed 5 billion yuan. Among them, the completed Shandong Guan series products have won praises from local consumers for their excellent construction quality and excellent service management.


During the development of the Spring Breeze Changzhu·Zhezhong project, the principles of government guidance, market-oriented operation, and precise positioning were adhered to. Dig deep into industry characteristics, cultural heritage and ecological endowment, and conduct in-depth research on local culture. Won the title of 2020 "Outstanding Project Brand of Chinese Characteristic Town".


At present, the projects that take Spring Breeze Changzhu·Zhezhong as a sample have achieved full brand replication in the Yangtze River Delta. Spring Breeze Changzhu·Huaqiao, Spring Breeze Changzhu·Huzhou, Spring Breeze Changzhu·Yuyao are all in different development stages.


In the future, Lonve Group will always adhere to serve China's new urbanization development path, continue to contribute to the construction of a beautiful China, and ultimately create a hometown within reach for every Chinese.

President’s Message

The tangible wheat ears, the bright starry sky, the bluestone road running barefoot, the frogs and birds crying in the morning light... This is the most true restoration of my hometown in my memory, and it is made for every Chinese. A hometown within reach is my original intention in actively participating in the construction of a beautiful China.

In my eyes, the success of a product is not simply the stacking of luxury materials, but the moment the customer gets the key, the yearning for a better life in the future is revealed in the eyes.

For the Chinese, the home is a lifelong sustenance, and the house is a container to carry this sustenance. A good house must be the background color of a good life, so we organically integrate international education and good life services. We are committed to cultivating the next generation with international thinking and international vision, so that each child can grow up confidently in his own appearance; we explore the construction of an all-age community, and we will permeate the beauty through everyone's life.

I often say, let those who have expectations of us not be disappointed, and hope that this belief can become the cornerstone of long-term development. Throughout our life, we only want to give better love to those we love.

Development History
/ 2007..............2020
Lonve Industry started
Lonve Construction Take shape
Lonve ”guan”Series products launched
Lonve Group officially named Official debut of the masterpiece Spring Breeze Changzhu
Lonve Group's development strategy for deep cultivation of Zhejiang and national layout
Management structure
Management structure
Management structure
Senior management
Senior management
  • Liu Bo
    Founder and Chairman of lonve Group / born in 1979

    Liu Bo graduated from Hubei University of Technology, EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and is a national senior engineer and first-class construction engineer. Served in Vanke Nandu. He has a deep understanding of real estate development and operation and is responsible for controlling the corporate development strategy of Changzhu Holding Group.

  • Liu Tao
    Current company president / born in 1980

    Liu Tao graduated from Wuhan University of Technology. He once worked for Greentown Group and Bluetown Group. Joined the company in 2018 and served as the company's general manager, project leader, and executive president. He is currently the company's president and is responsible for the overall operation and management of Changzhu Holding Group Co., Ltd.

  • Du Zhenghong
    Group Vice President / born in 1974

    Du Zhenghong graduated from Huzhou Teachers College. Joined the company in 2018 and is currently the group vice president of the company. He is in charge of the group's investment and development center and product research and development center. He has 25 years of industry experience and has extensive experience in project development and design management.

  • Fu Jie
    Group Vice President / born in 1981

    Fu Jie graduated from Southwest University of Science and Technology with a bachelor's degree in management. Worked at Sunac China. Join the company in 2020 and serve as vice president of the group, in charge of the group's human administration center.

  • Liu Jian
    Group Vice President / born in 1989

    Liu Jian graduated from Wuhan Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor's degree in engineering. He once worked in Zhejiang University Insigma, Fosun Group, Peacebird Group. Joined the company in 2018 and served as the company’s project general manager. He is currently the group’s vice president, in charge of the group’s cost management center and concurrently as the general manager of the Huzhou project.

  • Pan Jianmin
    Group Vice President / born in 1978

    Mr. Pan Jianmin graduated from Zhejiang Construction Vocational and Technical College. He once worked in Greentown Group, Sunshine City Group, and Shengzhou Greentown Yue Opera Town. Joined the company in 2020 and is currently the group vice president and general manager of the eastern Zhejiang regional company.

Our Culture
Brand slogan
Lonve Is Home
Use force in urbanization, move home to nature
Brand positioning
China's leading new urbanization service provider
Build 200 towns with true mountains and rivers for China
Give better love to those who love
Lonve dream
To create a hometown within reach for every Chinese