Lonve Development
Build 200 towns with true mountains and rivers for China

Using strength in urbanization and moving home to nature is the mission of long-term residence. Under this tone, Changzhu focuses on continuously improving the product capabilities of housing products, creating a harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, restoring the old dream of the original homeland in the hearts of Chinese people, and providing urban residents with a high-quality living experience.

Jingzhu special product line, time-tested
  • Spring Breeze Changzhu product

    Spring Breeze Changzhu is a well-known product series for Changzhu Group to practice a better life and promote China's new urbanization.

    Spring Breeze Changzhu product series selects locations around large cities with high-quality natural environments, convenient transportation, and livable and travelable areas, and digs deep into the industrial characteristics, cultural heritage and ecological endowments, and adheres to 70% standardization and 30% localization.

    The unique "Spring Breeze Long Stay" development model integrates multiple high-quality resources such as international education, medical and health care, tourism and vacation, commercial facilities, and organic agriculture. Chunfeng Long Stay has been deployed in multiple regions of the Yangtze River Delta.

  • GUAN Series

    Selected rare earth resources, so that the city's fashionable architectural aesthetics and comfortable life harmoniously blend. The Guan series maintains a low-key and luxurious architectural style, carefully creates a landscape layout that suits the characteristics of the city, creates high-quality humanistic facilities, a beautiful community environment and a scientific apartment, so that people's lives are more in line with the trend of the times.

Habitat Aesthetics in the New Era
Small Town Settlement
Low-density Space
Happy Community
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