Lonve Development
Restore the original human touch of the hometown

Between light and shadow, time intersects, long-stay wholeheartedly serves the owners, with meticulous warmth and quality, to build an ideal, humane and beautiful life blueprint for countless long-term families.Make the natural rhythm of the native land more accessible.

Reinterpret the definition of quality
Property, agriculture, commerce, medical, etc.
Domain resource reorganization
In-depth cooperation with well-known brands

Zhizhen service, return to heart experience.

Technological wisdom, simple life.


Enjoy the fun of the field between flowers and trees.

Bright stars are no longer out of reach.


Taking local leading industries as the main line, gathering global innovation and entrepreneurship resources.Multifunctional spaces such as cinemas, salons, restaurants, etc. overlap.The new urban living room promotes neighborhood communication

Medical Treatment

Introduce "Johnson Medical", build a "cloud + terminal + product + service" chain medical ecological chain, and establish a professional community medical system.