The working group of Jinhua City, "Shaipinchuang", visited Xinyinong agricultural industry chain

On October 23, 2019, Jinhua Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Long led a team, and the Jinhua City "Saipinchuang" working group visited Chunfeng for a long time to inspect the progress of Zhengjiawu Town's health and wellness project and inspect the Xinyinong agricultural industry chain . Liu Bo, Chairman of Changzhu Group, accompanied him throughout the process.

"Solving and creating", that is, "showing progress, striving for actual performance, and creating first-class", is an ad hoc working conference for the municipal government to implement the municipal party committee's major decision-making and deployment to resolutely win the "nine hard battles" and promote the real economy to turn itself over. It will directly face the city's industrial economic development and industrial project planning, focusing on "comparing with benchmarks and courageously catching up", and creating an office atmosphere of "focusing on industry, projects, and implementation".

During the inspection itinerary, the leadership team of the municipal party committee and government paid great attention to the development of the three major areas of "cultural tourism and agriculture", "international education" and "health care" by Chunfeng Longzhu, and guided the project work. In the future, it needs to focus on "beauty". Prosperity of Zhengjiawu", to accelerate the construction of the Chunfeng Long-term Residence Project, everything is around the project, everything is for development.

At the site of the visit, the project displayed perfume lotus from Taiwan, displaying dried flowers, fresh flowers, flower arrangements and other floral art, which was unanimously appreciated by the leaders on site. As a pilot project for the rural complex in Zhejiang Province, the spring breeze has long lived in the introduction and development of agricultural products, and has spared no effort. In the future, more than 200 acres of lotus ponds where the spring breeze will live will also cultivate perfume lotus, enriching lotus varieties, not only making our agriculture vigorous and harvesting, but also making it beautiful and colorful.

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