Yali joins hands with Changzhu to build Adcot in the middle of Zhejiang, 12 years of consistent international education started in Jinhua

On September 22, the groundbreaking ceremony of Zhejiang Adcot School and the global campus education public welfare release event was held at the Chunfeng Long-stay Project in Pujiang Town, Yiwu City. Leaders of relevant departments of Jinhua, Yiwu and Pujiang, special guests, and leaders Leaders of Residential Group, Yali Group, Adcot Global School teachers and campus leaders attended the event.

(Mr. Shi Yuancheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengjiawu Town, delivers a speech)

Mr. Shi Yuancheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengjiawu Town, said that this cooperation with Yali Education Group is a brave attempt and a determined innovation of the concept of "small town, big education". On behalf of the Party Committee and Government of Zhengjiawu Town, he made a solemn promise to partners: I will go all out to provide support and guarantee to ensure that the follow-up staff are in place and the responsibilities are in place. I hope that the long-established Adcot School will live up to its trust and let international education take root firmly in Pujiang, and cultivate generations of patriotic and patriotic talents for Feng'an.

(Mr. Dai Zhongquan, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Pujiang County People's Congress, delivers a speech)

Deputy Director Dai Zhongquan, on behalf of the Standing Committee of the Pujiang County People’s Congress, expressed warm congratulations on the start of the construction of the Adcot School in Zhejiang Province. He pointed out: The construction of the Adcot School in Zhejiang Province is an important project in the education industry in the region. It is a great achievement that benefits the society, benefits future generations, and is related to long-term development. It is also the party committee and government’s emphasis on education and education. , Improve education, and ensure the actual actions of education. In the future, Adcot School of Zhejiang Middle School should give full play to its resource advantages, further improve the quality and taste of running schools, and cultivate outstanding students with Chinese soul, national sentiment and international vision. The Pujiang County Party Committee and Government will also supervise the construction of the school with a highly responsible attitude, and strive to build the construction of the Adcot School in Zhejiang Province into a project with distinctive characteristics, reflecting the first-class level of popular support, and a reliable project.

(Speech by Mr. Li Yuan, President of Adcot (China))

Li Yuan, President of Adcot (China), said that Adcot School of Zhejiang Middle School has set the expectations of the people of Zhejiang as its own school goal, and is determined to train people with inheritance, innovation, independence, leadership, and freedom to walk in the world. Chinese people. Adcot is determined to develop education in small towns and let children walk around the world freely. He will also lead the Zhezhong Adcot team to carry out global campus education public welfare activities, and join hands with the brother schools in Pujiang and Zhengjiawu to learn from each other, make progress together, and go more stable and farther.

(Speech by Mr. Liu Bo, Chairman of Changzhu Group)

Liu Bo, Chairman of Changzhu Group, said that as China's leading new-type urbanization service provider, Changzhu Group has always been committed to promoting new-type urbanization and the construction of beautiful villages, while striving to create a sense of happiness for people of all ages and latitudes. The construction of Adcot in the middle of Zhejiang Province will promote local international education, new-type urbanization and beautiful rural construction, open a door to the world for children in the natural environment, and cultivate the next generation who are free to walk in the world .

Media such as Yiwu TV Station, Pujiang TV Station, Pujiang Radio, Yiwu Education Communication, Chouzhou Forum, Jinhua Evening News and other media attended the event and reported.

At the end of the event, salutes, colored smoke, and machines roared. The host invited the leaders and guests of Zhejiang Adcot, Chunfeng Changzhu and Pujiang County Government to join the stage to sign a tripartite agreement to wish Zhezhong Ade Kete started cutting the ribbon, cultivated the soil and laid the foundation. Amid the applause of the audience, I wish the groundbreaking ceremony of Zhejiang Adcot a complete success.

Zhezhong Adcot is an in-depth cooperation between Changzhu Holding Group and Yali Education Group. The school is located in the Yiwu Chunfeng Long Stay Project, which is developed by a company of Changzhu Holding Group and covers an area of about 1,300 acres. "The international school that grows in nature" "the school where you can see fireflies". It is precisely because of the unique geographical location of Adcot in the middle of Zhejiang that the principal of Adcot Wan Mingzhu of the middle of Zhejiang also mentioned in an interview with the media that international education can help promote the construction of beautiful villages!

The globalization of today's world has brought frequent cross-border and cross-cultural cooperation and exchanges. Today’s children are the mainstay of the country and society in the future. Can they effectively learn, work and get along with others in an international and multicultural environment? Many parents are born with their children and focus on cultivating their children’s international vision, empathy and communication Ability, critical thinking and lifelong learning ability, etc. International education is centered on cultivating children's global competence. It is world-oriented and future-oriented education, and the comprehensive quality and abilities of students are built through school education.

As a leader in international education, Adcot is the first British brand school in Central Zhejiang and the third branch of the British Adcot School, a century-old aristocratic school in England.

Established in 1907, the British Adcot School has won the fourth best ranking of private schools in the UK. Every year, more than 70% of students in the school get A* and A in STEM-related subjects, more than one-third of students get interview opportunities at Oxford and Cambridge, and 95% of students are admitted by the world's top 100 universities. In addition to academics, the students have achieved proud results in sports and performing arts: the school’s equestrianism has a high reputation in the UK and has been summoned by the Queen; the gymnastics team has won the gymnastics championship in British secondary schools many times; drama and choir He has also been invited to participate in international competitions and performances and won many awards.

In the same line as the British Adcot, Zhejiang Adcot has been synchronized with the world since its inception, providing 12 years of consistent (primary, middle, and university preparatory) high-quality international education for the children of successful people aged 6-18. IB and PYP courses will be offered academically, and the school will also offer a variety of quality development and outdoor courses to put children in a sunny place and cultivate Chinese people who have inheritance, innovation, independence, and leadership qualities who can walk the world freely. At present, various preparations are proceeding in an orderly manner, and the school is scheduled to start in September 2022.

In recent years, Adcot (China) has developed rapidly. In 2018, Shanghai Adcot was founded and opened, and it is known as the "Internet celebrity school at the foot of Sheshan"; in 2020, Suzhou Adcot was founded and opened, and is known as "a century-old school on a 100-year-old school site". At present, Adcot has four campuses in the UK, Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhejiang. As an important part of Adcot’s global campus, Zhejiang Adcot is an important part of Adcot’s global campus. Students on the Zhezhong campus can seamlessly connect courses with the British/Shanghai/Zhejiang middle school campuses. Students can apply at any time while ensuring their academic level. Go to other Adcot campuses to study.

Since the start of preparations for the construction of Zhezhong Adcot in May 2019, it has received strong support from the People's Government of Jinhua City and Pujiang County. The school is positioned as the cultural center of Pujiang Town. The school serves all residents and the residents of the town will actively participate in the school’s educational activities. On the one hand, Zhezhong Adcot will contribute to the international education in the middle of Zhejiang and the whole of Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta, and will lead the integration and rapid development of Jinhua's local educational resources. On the other hand, the interaction between the school and the community will bring a strong cultural and educational atmosphere to the spring breeze long-lived community. In the future, this place will be filled with the elegance of literature and art, the tranquility of the countryside and the magnificent architecture, like the small towns of Oxford and Cambridge. The rich breath of life.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Adcot's global campus education charity event was released. Adcot's global campuses have been established, including the British Adcot School, the British Middleton School, the Shanghai Adcot School, the Suzhou Adcot School, the Zhejiang Adcot School, and the Dongguan Middleton School Schools, Jinhua Middleton School, Shanghai International Studies University Yali Campus, Hefei University of Technology Yali Campus, Wuhan Yali Campus, Guangzhou Yali Campus and other educational communities. It crosses time and space, crosses society, crosses culture, crosses discipline, supports and encourages everyone with dreams to grow together and make progress together.

The public welfare project includes three parts: "book crowdfunding-donation to build a reading room", "walking trail-environmental protection of homes", "teacher alliance-knowledge and knowledge" and other three parts, Adcot called for more teachers through the public welfare activities Students participate in it to act, create, and serve, and cultivate their leadership qualities and sense of responsibility.

The foundation laying of Adcot in the middle of Zhejiang means that the rise of this K12 British aristocratic school is a major event in Jinhua and even the Yangtze River Delta education circle. "Ten years of trees, 100 years of people." Adcot in the middle of Zhejiang Province is to be a long-term and educating school, bringing good educational concepts to thousands of families, and nurturing students to grow into global competence. At the same time, elite talents with inheritance, innovation, independence and leadership qualities.