Changzhu Group won the 17th Jingrui Science and Technology Award

On December 13, the 2020 Jingrui Habitat Award Ceremony co-sponsored by the National Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University was held in Beijing. The theme of this year’s Jingrui Habitat consumption".

Changzhu Group brought the benchmark spring breeze to stay in awe-inspiring. The project, with its ingenious architectural design, the ultimate pursuit of human living, and the deep cultivation of new urbanization, stood out among hundreds of participating works and won the " The 17th Jingrui Science and Technology Award" (Residential Planning and Design). Fu Jie, vice president of Changzhu Group, and Li Shanjun, deputy general manager of Chunfeng Changzhu, attended the award ceremony.


(Li Shanjun, deputy general manager of Chunfeng Changzhu, received the award)


(Award certificate) 

The Jingrui Habitat Award was established in 2003. It is currently the only national science and technology award for the field of human settlements and urban construction approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Office of Science and Technology Awards. The award of Changzhu Group is a step forward in promoting the new urbanization, and it also lays a solid foundation for Chunfeng Changzhu's comprehensive brand replication.

Beauty and strength coexist, architecture accommodates life dreams

The award-winning spring breeze long-term residence project is located in the middle of Zhejiang Plain. It was listed as the third batch of “Sloping Villages and Towns” pilot projects in Zhejiang Province in 2017. After completion, it will be a “house in the forest, garden in the mountains”, “mountain The “water, forest, and housing” integrated housing project provides residents with a literati-like mountain and water secluded environment for health preservation.

The planning layout is based on the principle of "farming is suitable for agriculture, construction is suitable for construction, and forest is suitable for construction", combined with topography and landform characteristics, scientifically and rationally develops and utilizes low hills and gentle slopes, and achieves equal emphasis on development and construction and ecological protection.


The base is located in a hilly hillside with undulating hills. The main traffic road follows the mountain. The layout of the residences conforms to the changes of the terrain. The layout of the houses is staggered, layered, and twists and turns, forming a rich external landscape unique to sloped buildings. Forming row upon row of buildings, creating a landscape image of mountain village settlements.

This is also the difference between the spring breeze and other small towns. It is not simply classified according to residential areas and fields, but each household has its own farmland under the windowsill. The spring breeze has cultivated a high level of understanding of rural life. , There is an infinite closeness and reverie to pastoral life.

Standing in the house where the spring breeze stays, looking down, the large terrace, sunny flower house, pastoral, fruit forest, and river extend to the distance, forming a patchwork of village style. A lifelike picture of Tao Yuanming’s life style is slowly laid out in front of you. open.

Implemented in the architectural detail design, using the terrain to adopt the “underhanging” method, which greatly improves the land utilization rate and saves land resources. At the same time, it benefits the stairs between the inner floors of the user to perfectly solve the terrain problem. At the same time, in order to prevent the basement from directly contacting the mountain and causing the house to return to moisture, a "moisture-proof cavity" is specially added. In addition to solving the indoor "damp return" problem, it also increases storage space.

On the other hand, the spring breeze is deeply impressed by the modern living concept of “intimate interdependence and independence from each other”. There are stairs inside and outside the building, which can reach the second floor from the first floor. The double staircase design makes family life more More choices and space.

Respect every inch of land and promote China's new urbanization

For a long time, Changzhu Group has positioned "China's leading new-type urbanization service provider" as its brand position, and is committed to boosting China's new-type urbanization construction through precise urban research and judgment.

Adhering to the vision of "Building 200 towns and towns with real mountains and rivers for China", Changzhu Group will replicate the brand of Chunfeng Changzhu, integrate urban civilization and rural nature, respect every inch of land, and explore more integration of urban and rural areas. The development model liberates the land and gives more directions for urban construction.

Chunfeng Changzhu’s product line adheres to 70% standardization and 30% localization. It is a characteristic town, a beautiful village, and a future village community. The spring breeze revitalizes the land foundation. The small town created is more livable, suitable for travel, and suitable for business, allowing more rural resources to go out, allowing more urban residents to come in, and allowing the imagination of rural cultural tourism to continue to increase. Further promote China's new urbanization.

In addition to the unique ingenuity of architectural design, Chunfeng Changzhu also introduces international education and provides better life services to meet the people’s longing for a better life as its fundamental purpose. It takes every family member in the town as the core and satisfies the family’s understanding of space, material, body, and spirit. Starting from other needs, through real estate, agriculture, community commerce, community medical and other fields, establish a comprehensive service system that improves the quality of life in the town, forming a closed loop of life in the town.

Changzhu Group has always insisted on “creating a hometown within reach for every Chinese”. The spring breeze lives in a long-term life, with golden wheat ears, dazzling stars, children running and playing, and the sound of children... all the good things come together to create fun. , The poetry of life here is alive and lasting forever.