Zhengjiawu Town and Changzhu Group signed an order agriculture contract-"Pastoral Complex" + "Order Agriculture" to help rural revitalization

On the morning of July 31, the signing ceremony of the Pujiang Blue City Spring Breeze Wet Painting Green Pastoral Complex and the order agricultural contract was held in Wudalu Village, Zhengjiawu Town.

△ On-site signing ceremony

Dai Zhongquan, Deputy Director of Pujiang County People's Congress, Hong Wei, Deputy Director of the Economic and Technology Committee of Pujiang County CPPCC, Zheng Yanfeng, Deputy Director of Pujiang County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, He Wangchen, Deputy Director of Pujiang County Cultural Tourism Bureau, Cao Hongyan, Chairman of Zhengjiawu Town People's Congress, and Wu Zhoudong, Wu Dalu Village Party Branch Secretary , Wu Zhenfeng, Mayor of Wudalu Village and other relevant government leaders, Mr. Liu Tao, Executive President of Changzhu Holding Group, Mr. Du Zhenghong, Vice President, Mr. Li Shanjun, Assistant General Manager, and Mr. Wang Yilin attended the signing ceremony.

△ On-site signing ceremony

Taking the strategic development direction of Changzhu Group Company as the general guideline of the Blue City Chunfeng Changzhu Wet Painting Green Pastoral Complex, Changzhu Group will build a smart and intensive large agricultural industrial cluster based on ecology, agriculture as a guarantee, and health as the concept , To promote the development of the agricultural industry in Zhengjiawu Town and help the revitalization of the countryside.

△ On-site signing ceremony

Changzhu Group is committed to building a better life project that is warmer than the city and more civilized than the countryside. The Blue City Chunfeng Changzhu Wet Painting Green Pastoral Complex in Zhengjiawu Town is the group's transition from traditional urban residential development to ideals A test field built by the town.

△ Schematic diagram

In order to build the project into a model of "sloping villages and towns" and "pastoral complexes" in Zhejiang Province, Changzhu Group will take Wudalu Village as the center to fully implement "pastoral complex order agriculture" and promote agricultural production in Zhengjiawu Town. The transformation of functions, models, industries and values will comprehensively enhance the comprehensive benefits and competitiveness of agriculture, truly make agriculture a promising industry, make agriculture a decent profession, and make Zhengjiawu a beautiful home for living and working in peace. At the same time, relying on the blue city spring breeze, the wet painting green pastoral complex, the "Community Supported Agriculture (GSA) Cultural and Creative Agriculture" model was launched to promote the integration of agriculture, tourism and cultural tourism, and promote the comprehensive development of Zhengjiawu.

△The picture comes from Shengzhou Yue Opera Town

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